Saturday, April 29, 2017

What ARE you Doing to your Body?

Did you know that 80% of your health is directly related to what you eat? The rest is due to home and environmental issues. I hope you have passed the area of saying, I will eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Yes, you can, but you will pay. Most of the food grown in our country is affected by the Big Six growers, Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Dow and Dupont. Their ever growing list of chemicals sprayed on our food, is killing us all. And the bees, butterflies, birds etc. When you buy processed foods from the store, you are consuming Glyphosate, agent orange, hepatitis C, and a long list of ch3emicals including a new one Trump signed on as ok since he took office,Chlorpyrifos. THis deadly new one is known to cause brain damage in children and adults. If you are pregnant and eating this, you likely will cause ADHD, Autism and other seious brain problems. Many other countries are now backing out of buying our tainted corn, wheat and soy products. They care about the health of their citizens.I get a wonderful magazine called Mother Earth Living. This month the article I am reading is called 5-Step Plan to Eating well. Those of you who are meat eaters, do you know that 98% of beef is contaminated with cow feces? And of course the growth hormones and GMO grown feed they eat. Seafood? Well, they eat the poop of all the other sea creatures. Fish has become suspect because of the contaminated water we now have, mercury, and who knows what other radiation etc .Unless you buy boxes marked with a Butterfly and the words, USDA organic, you are eating disgusting food. Go back 20 to 30 years, do you remember hospitals full of babes with cancer? Or wards full of older folk with Alzheimer's? Or so many with arthritis, allergies, aches and pains? The charts show a direct correlation with the increasing amounts of sprays used on our foods. I started looking into this long ago, when I watched what was being done to tomato fields at the bottom of our mountains. Scary, Never buy tomato, corn or potato products that are not organic. My past blogs are full of facts and articles on what we are being fed. Way back in the early 80's I gave up milk products. Soy milk is my fave, tho I have tried cashew, almond etc. I also buy only Silk, as it has the butterfly and organic symbol on the package. For a long time I ate Kashi, but Kellogg's makes that, as well as Bear Naked and Krave, and other products that are organic, but they still push their tainted stuff at kids. I really cringe when I see Cheerios showing darling babies, and saying to feed them Cheerios. No no no. It takes some serious searching, but stores are getting so much better at putting the true organics out there. Once you have found them, shopping is easy. I get the same things every trip to town, and order all my baking and cooking supplies on line to get organics, love Bobs Red Mill flour, baking soda and powder oatmeal etc, all sent right to my door at great price. I like eating out but always have a couple of days I feel different after, my body is not used to eating standard foods, and I can tell the difference. Learn to look out for your health, you can reverse a lot of lifes aches and pains just by changing your diet. You all must have seen the articles out the last week or so saying even one soda a day can cause strokes, heart attacks and memory loss. Shop the outside aisles at the store, avoid the processed foods, cooking from scratch is easy and can be fast. In closing today here are a couple of items I ran across this week. If you have gout, your body is in an acidic state, should be alkaline. To change this and take out the uric acid causing the gout, drink a glass or warm water when you get up(before coffee) with either organic apple cider vinegar with Mother or organic lemon juice. Sometime during the day, drink another cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda stirred in. This helps get your body into an alkaline state, and avoids a lot of health issues. For kidney stones drink more fluid, eat less salt, drink green tea, make dandelion leaf salad and ear citrus fruits. Next week, lets explore ways of detoxing your home, that's also easy, and so much cheaper than all the chemicals you are buying. Looks like summer has arrived, 90 degrees today. Stay cool, stay healthy, watch your food and feel better. Put a tomato plant on your porch.

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