Saturday, November 19, 2016

Giving Thanks, Laundry soap changing weather

Its been nice and warm for late November, but with the warm, we have had no rain since August. There are so many fires burning in the south, right here in our area we have had one on Neddy Mountain, about 10 miles away that left us gasping with the smoke and setting off smoke alarms. This morning the first firefighter fatality was reported. We are blessed to have only had smoke, and woke to a light rain this am. Hope it does some good. Yesterday 22 new fires started, some folk already leaving their homes for safer places. It would be great to see all this end, and sadly, many of these fires were set, I never come to grips with people who purposely set out to hurt others. Not why we are here. As usual, I have so much to be grateful for, starting with my family, and of course a home I love, is paid for and suits me. We woke to a light rain this am, hope it does some good for the fires. The temps will be dropping all day, into the 20s tonight and for the next few nights, but then warming up to more seasonal levels. Hard to believe we have left summer behind and are now into the holiday season. I have been using a laundry soap that works well, smells nice and is super cheap. If you are tired of clogged plumbing and high prices, you might want to try this. In the laundry section of your store, find a 4 pound box of washing soda, and 4 pound box of Borax, each about $2.00. Then look for a bar of Fels Naptha soap. Mix the powders, and grate the bar of soap into them, stirring well. Store in a covered container and use a heaping tablespoon full for each load. Costs about 7 cents per load, should last about a year for small families. I made a half batch for myself, I don't wash that much. Want to make your carpet smell like the holidays? Mix up 1/2 cup of cornstarch, 2 cups of baking soda, 1 T or more of ground cloves, 1 bay leaf crunched, in a shaker can. I used to buy Parmesan cheese in big jars, and saved all those. They make excellent shakers. Don't buy them now as research shows they are stretched by adding sawdust to them. Better to buy a chunk and grate your own. It's dark and gloomy this morning but we do need rain so no complaints. The Earth now comes into her sleeping, restoring time, Not fond of winter but at least it's shorter here than a lot of places. I do hope you and your family have a lot of reasons to be grateful this year and will spend time with them. Happy Holidays and Good health to you all. s

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