Friday, December 11, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS and some Aloe uses

Yes, I say Merry Christmas, after all, if we take Christ out of Christmas, it's no longer the reason to celebrate. Looking forward to a visit with my family, across Illinois and Nebraska for the next few weeks. Can hardly wait to see them all. These last months have been difficult. I am avoiding the news for the most part, just do not want to know we have been struck with another mass shooting, airplane crash, sinking boat, or whatever else is on the bad news list. I'm an American and proud of it, and a Christian., And being punished for those beliefs is so unjust. When I was much younger, I remember the boats bringing in immigrants from other countries, stopping at Ellis Island, where they read the message at the Statue of Liberty, Bring me your -----. But you know, those people came here to escape tyranny in their homelands. They did not expect to convert us to their way of life, they wanted what we had. They learned English, got jobs and many became Americans we know to this day, musicians, artists, laborers, they adjusted and fit in. Now all these people flooding our country want to change us to their ways. Maybe they need to stay in their homelands and fight for change. If I left this country, I would pick one that had what i wanted, not what I have, and go there expecting to adapt to their ways. Nuf ranting. Did you know that aloe gel is good for your teeth? It's anti-inflammatory and has beta sitosterol, which helps quell bad breath, fight tooth decay and gum disease. Mix 1/4 cup of aloe gel in 1/2 cup of water and drink to improve mouth health. And you are sure to know it's great to soothe burns, cuts etc. Did you know that putting aloe gel on your face at night can help defeat wrinkles? Leave it on overnight and rinse off come morning. You can also rub it on bruises to help them disappear. All these tips come from the new Mother Earth Magazine. What an incredible week we have had,mostly sunny, warm, into the upper 60s and lower 70's, and its mid December. Hope it holds another few weeks. Of course here in TN we are getting seed catalogs, and starting to think about the spring gardens, which we will be working on in early March. Love the south. I want to wish you all a Christmas filled with God's peace and love, and a year with less going on in this world that is terrifying and sad. Take time to spend with your loved ones, we have to keep trusting God to take care of us as he has planned. Have a great Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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