Friday, January 24, 2014

Is Big Pharma killing you? A great stain remover for your clothes

   It's a very cold morning, down to 6 last night. Woke up about 3 am to find the electricity off. Not so bad when you are in bed and can stay warm.  It was out about an hour, and came back on. This morning I was making muffins and washing clothes, by golly, power went out again.  In fact it  popped on and off several times, but seems to be staying on now. So the pumpkin muffins are baked, and the wash is drying. Here's hoping, no heat wave today, 20 maybe.
  There are 7 medicines that are purely poison to your body. If you are taking them, I hope you can get your doctor to find alternatives. Let's start with sleeping pills.  Ambien and Lunesta are particularly bad.  There are better alternatives, including melatonin, valerian, and a great one called Sleep Essentials from Swansons.  The next class is the cholesterol medicines. If you are not aware that statins cause great damage to you kidneys and liver, check them out.  Again, there are many things you can do.  My hubby took plant sterols and a couple of other herbs that worked very well, and you need to cut back your meat and dairy consumption. When I asked the man at our health food store what we could do instead of statins, he said" never eat anything that had a mother."  That may be a bit extreme, but a good choice for some..  The next category is blood pressure medicines,, like Beta blockers, and calcium blockers.  Ask your doc for safer alternatives.  Alzheimer's also has medicine with serious side effects, the worst being Arecept.  And arthritis, steer clear of NSAIDS and Celebrex types. Diabetes is the next area, they are talking on tv about people who have died or developed serious problems from actos, Avandia and metformin..  And last, chemotherapy. Of course it's going to kill good things as well as bad things. The sad part is, there is a new method that can rid you of cancer in 6 weeks with no side effects. You won't get it without a fight, as it will not garner big bucks for the pharmacies.  Big  Pharma is trying very hard to cover this up, and create a chemical to use for themselves.  Be warned, be aware, study the meds you take and know all the side effects.   All this information can be seen in greater detail at HSI. known as America's Health Underground.
  I have a couple of shirts and some sweat pants I love to wear when it's cold, but they are all kind of old and look cruddy because of stains. So I went looking for a solution. It's so simple, and it took out stains that have been there for a year or better. Just mix 4 tablespoons of peroxide to 2 tablespoons of dawn, mix well and apply. I put mine in a spray bottle, coated the stains and let them sit overnight. Gone. Amazing, cheap, simple.
  Need some easy Energy treats?  Try mixing 1 cup oatmeal,1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup ground flax,1/3 cup of honey, and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Roll into balls, refrigerate. Of course use the best ingredients you can get, organic if possible.
  The sun is coming over the mountain, but it will only be in the 20's today, and except for a brief warm up to 40 on Sunday, it stays cold the whole next week.   Some where down the line, we will be wishing for some of this cool as we face those hot summer days.  Guess we all need to learn to cope with what we have at the moment without griping. I am good at gripping.  God always sends what we should have, even if we are not thinking that way. 
 Have a good week, stay warm and well, see you next time.

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