Friday, March 22, 2013

Allergies? Rashes? And Monsanto is doing it again

  If you suffer from allergies or rashes, blame it on products you are using in your everyday routine.  The allergy, rash stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Have been looking into a couple of bad ingredients this week, parabans and phthalates. Phthalates are  compounds used to soften vinyl, over a billion tons are produced each year in this country. These are used in nail polish, cosmetics and hair products.  Parabans are chemicals used as preservatives. Both of these products alter hormonal systems so if you are using them on your babys, expect them to hit puberty as early as 8 years old. This is frightening, as the earlier a child matures, the shorter its life span is.  These substances also cause breast cancer tumors, and are found in the tumors. Milk, meat and dairy products are high in hormone changing substances, so those are ones to watch  too, read the labels. I heard this week that some milk companys will be adding sugars , and these will be fake ones, like aspartame, so kids will get hooked on the sweet taste. More obesity and poor health will follow that move.  If you are a nursing mom and using cosmetics with parabans ad phthalates, you will pass them on to your baby.
  Monsanto has pushed its bill as far as the President, if he signs it we will have more food grown with seeds that are treated with bug and insect killers.   Don't see how the FDA,  and the president can condone the poisoning of the American people, but it seems health care is not important any more. Just get people sick , then put them on medicines that cause even more problems. That makes it even more vital that we refuse to buy products that will do ourselves and our children so much damage.  Look for organic produce, it's not really hard to cook fresh foods from scratch, they  don' t even take that much more time to cook. Watch for the GMO free products if you are buying processed items, there are a few, but not many.
  On GMA this morning, there was a report that 1 out of 10 deaths in this country can be blamed on salt. We don't think about how much salt is in our bread, cheese, and other things we eat every day. Start a herb pot, keep it in your kitchen window and use to season food with.  I like to watch the Chew sometimes, but their pinch of salt is more like major amounts.  I am not much of a sweet craver, but have to admit to liking the taste of salt, I have been using Himilayan pink salt for  many years now, and it takes very little  so hope I am staying in a normal range.
  It's easy to find recipes for home made face creams, shampoos, bath products and household cleansers on line. In fact the variety is endless. There are a few I am fond of, have been making face cream from organic oils for quite a few years now. If you have baking soda, vinegar and tea tree oil, you can disinfect anything in your house. A little lemon juice added gives a nice fresh smell to your home. You can scan back through my blog and find recipes for almost anything you would need, or just go to your search engine and put in what you are looking for, the sources are endless.
  Spring is being very elusive, do so want to get the garden going again, and be out in the sun but instead, it's cold and snow flurries are in the forecast. The ground hog messed up big time this year.  Our fruit trees are blooming and it scares me to think this cold could take out the peaches and pears and apples this year. If it hurts ours, the orchards in our area will suffer too. Hopefully that spring warm up is very near.
  Closing note, have been watching a series of movies called THE BIBLE, airing on History channel. They are condensed but still interesting and well done. Curiously, Satan bears a striking resemblnce to someone we all know. If you get a chance to watch these, they are well worth the time. Somehow seeing things brings my daily bible reading to life a great deal more than I would have thought. You do have to remember it is a movie, though, so they take liberties with what is presented.
 Hopefully by next week, and Easter,we will have some more spring like weather. Stay warm.

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