Friday, February 15, 2013

WHY avoid GMOs, WHY are they so bad for you

GMO's are in the news constantly, and no wonder. We keep finding out more and more how bad they are for us and our children.Big companys like Monsanto, Kellogg, Pepsi, ConAgra, Coca cola, Dow, Bayer, Heinz Welchs, Smucker and many others do not want a bill passed that will allow labels to identify foods containg GMO's. What are they? The seeds planted are being treated with Round up to prevent weeds, and other weed and pest killers to make less work in the fields. But they infiltrate the seeds and grow into your food.
  These GMO's cause health problems such as reproductive disorders, stomach lesions, especially from tomatos,  they cause allergies, make you resistant to antibiotics, and cause prostate, colon and breast cancer. Altzheimers and diabetes are now linked to them also.
  In your super market, dairy and meat rows are100 percent affected, cereals, cookies, ice cream, condiments, canned soup, and bread and crackers are all 80 percent or more affected. Produce is better, you can pick organic. Sure it costs more, but if it keeps you from dying a long, lingering, painful death over a period of many years, is it not worth it?  Pasta, rice and beans are also fairly safe.
  I have a first hand knowledge of these effects. My daughter was diagnosed with a blood disease when she was 5. We fought for 5 more years to get her better but did not succeed. The doctors told us her problems stemmed from chemicals used on fields around us growing crops. Watching a child bleed to death is not something I recommend. A few years ago, my husband developed a blood problem, and it is unknown what caused that, but maybe the same kind of thing. Since then I have become very aware of what we eat.  I do not want to spend the end of my life in a vegetative state, with some one else caring for my every need. Its dehumanizing. And we do have some say in the matter.
  If you  plan a garden , watch the seeds you buy. Try and get ones from an heirloom company that does not treat the seeds.
  For more information, the new issue of Mother Earth Living has a great article, and you can find tons of good info on these websites: Center for Food Safety,The Cornucopia Institute, Organic Consumers Association, Non GMO Project. Do a little research and get yourself in the loop.
  A few less scary thoughts. Some great white foods to add to your diet are mushrooms, cauliflower, macadamia nuts,  white beans and onions. Organic of course.
  Skin need a spring lift? Try mixing1/2 cup of distilled water,2 teaspoons of vegetable glycerin, (can find this in the health and med sections of most stores,) and 5 drops of essential oil, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary etc. Your choice. Mix all together, apply with a cotton ball to clean face and let soak in.
  Driving to town this week I saw some daffodils blooming, and the robins are coming back. Spring can't be too far away.
  Started my seeds inside, they are all coming up. Will be good to get outside and work again. Turned out the thermogenic tea I made up works very well for warding off colds and flu, used all my herbs so know this next summer to save a whole lot more. If you have not tried it, it's mint, yarrow and elderberry flower mixed in equal parts, steeped a spoon ful per cup for 20 minutes, make 3 cups a day if you even think you have something coming on, and in two days it will disappear.
  Lent has begun,  hope you are looking forward to sunny, warmer days. take care of your health, its your most important asset. Til next time.

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