Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Be Happy

  I am aware that this blog may get me into hot water, but it is only my opinion and the way I look at things. Every one has the right to their own ideas.
  Yesterday I watched an interesting show with Dr. Andrew Weil. I have his books on my shelves and have read his information for many years. By now you have gotten the impression that I am anti medicine. That is my choice and has worked well for me, I totally believe in preventing illness by being proactive about my health. And here I am, 74 years old and only taking one aspirin a day and my rack of vitamins that have been a part of my life for over 40 years.
  Yesterday, Dr Weil talked about depression. He bluntly stated that big pharma has mostly invented the illness to sell drugs. Drugs that don't work. They put you on one, if t doesn't help, they keep adding more. You might want to check into the side effects, totally scary. But there are so many things you can do to help yourself. Starting with diet. All health problems are caused by inflammation, and that comes from the foods you eat. Anything in a box or can, that is processed, is not good for you. I know, it's hard to give up all the Hamburger dishes, cookies,  quick fixes. But cooking with fresh fruits and veggies is not that hard and has so many benefits. Antioxidants,  also known as phytochemicals, are found in deeply colored foods.  They keep your body cells healthy.
  Some of the best ones are berrys. Blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and then head for quick stirfry made with red peppers, onions, garlic, any bright colored vegtable you like, add a little brown rice and you are good to go. It's nice to know that dark chocolate has been added to the list of good for you stuff, in moderation of course. Try adding spices to your dishes too,  cinnamon, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, clove, cilantro, garlic, curry, red pepper flakes.
   I have a great dish I love, with cut up zucchini, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, simmered til tender, add garbanzo beans and you have a tasty meal.
  Exercise is vital, try and walk, or find something you enjoy that gets you moving. It will elevate your mood. It does take some mind retraining, and a little  meditation doesn't hurt.  Just thinking about what you are grateful for helps.
   There are a lot of herbal helpers too. I have been taking Ashwaganda, it helps relax you, I take it at bedtime to help me sleep. Sam-e is another great helper, but take it early as it tends to pep you up. Rhodiola is a mental clarifier that helps you focus and elevates mood.
  Touch is also a great healer, so hold hands with your honey, hug someone, whatever is possible.
   Depressed people tend to hunch over with their shoulders rounded so here's a way to help open up a closed in chest. Stand with arms out to the sides,  left palm up, right palm down. raise arms while inhaling, lower on exhale, repeat at least three times.
   Lastly, Dr Weil has a book out called Spontaneous Happiness that would be well worth the read. Here's hoping your 11-11-11 is filled with happiness. Take care, be well.

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