Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brown sugar Scrub

October arrived so quickly, despite the heat, summer went  too fast. This is such a wonderful time of year, here in the mountains, it's still very lush and green, the leaves have not started changing yet. Peak season for color is always late October into mid November. The second crop of tomatoes that was started this year seems to have passed the test, looks like they will harvest in the next few weeks. The original fields have had their spraying of poison and are all withered and brown, leaving tons of unpicked tomatoes with warning signs about eating them.  Seems such a waste of good food, it always makes me a little sad.
   I have a recipe for you today that feels and smells so good. Use when showering or bathing.The brown sugar I like is in a plastic container with a handle, and very grainy. The regular type does not work as well.
  In a bowl, mix together:
   1/2 cup  of the grainy brown sugar( you can use regular)
   1/2 cup white sugar
   1/2 cup plus 3 tablespoons sunflower or canola oil
   1/2 vanilla( the real stuff).
Blend the sugars then add the oil and vanilla. I have used Olive Oil too.
Store in jar, plastic is better in case you drop it in the shower.
  My Granddaughter posted a note on facebook this week saying she had given her year old baby girl a metal bowl and and spoon to play with and the result was an hour of "music." I remember when my kids liked playing with simple things, no electronic goodies back in the fifties. Kids had to use their imaginations and it was a good thing. Wonder how many of us could go even one day now without computer, cell phone, tv etc. The young folk would be hard pressed. Have a great week.

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